Saturday, September 20, 2008

Purpose Of My Life

Please save my child

See his Eye He is being Physically abused

My son is being abused by Muskaan and her family and I am being blackmailed for money in order to see my children. I have not seen my son in last 4 months.
Please help me
I Syed Ahmed Makhdoom aged 38 years S/o Shri. Syed Ahmed Moazzam (Late) R/o 331- 16th Main Mico Layout, Hongasandra- Bangalore 560068, wish to submit as follows:

I am a Canadian National holding Canadian Passport, I am a person of Indian Origin holding PIO card and I have settled in Bangalore since March 2005 with valid residence permit and registration.

I married one Muskaan Sehr aka Aatika Tazeen D/o Shri BK Abdul Lateef R/o 328-16th Main Mico Layout, Hongasandra- Bangalore 560068 on 19/12/2004 at the Masjid E Mamoor- Koramangla in the wakalat of Mr. SM Jawwad and the witnesses of Mr. Mujeebuddin Khan and Ahsan Lateef (Late), in consideration of a mehr of Rs. 50,000 according to Shariat and I have duly paid the same.

I met Muskaan Sehr through a matrimonial website Shaadi dot com while I was in Canada, I was informed at the time of the marriage in 2004 and prior to the same that she was married once and had to take a divorce 3.5 years ago due to dowry harassment and physical abuse. When requested by myself and my family members to provide a copy of the divorce papers our requested was purposefully prolonged and ignored by Muskaan Sehr and her family.

A male child Syed Ahmed Raiyyan was born on 29/10/2005 and subsequently a female child was born on 15.04/2008 out of this wedlock.

I learnt from reliable sources that Muskaan Sehr who was earlier known as Aatika Tazeen had infact married on 3 occasions prior to marrying me and the facts were purposefully hidden from me with an intention to defraud me.

On further probing I have confirmed the fact that Muskaan Sehr married one Aslam Javeed S/o Shri KS Alamgir R/o Chennai on 20/02/1997, however on March 8th1998, the bride and her family forced Aslam Javeed to sign a Talaaqnama by threatening him and his family with filing a dowry harassment case.

Subsequently Aatika Tazeen and her family approached the Chief Qazi of Tamil Nadu- Salahuddin Mohammed Saheb and requested him to nullify the said Talaaq after admitting that the talaaq proceedings were initiated by the bride and her family and was obtained under coercion, while the groom Aslam Javeed not even once pronounced the word “Talaaq” from his mouth. Considering the facts the Chief Qazi pronounced the Talaaq invalid and directed the couple to be reunited with immediate effect. Aatika Tazeen and Aslam Javeed resumed their marital relationships post this development.

Aatika Tazeen and her family disappeared in mid 1998 and Aslam Javeed found out that his wife Aatika Tazeen had fraudulently married one Imtiaz Ahmed of Bangalore on 23/08/1998. Aslam Javeed approached Imtaiz Ahmed and informed him that Aatika Tazeen was his legally wedded wife and they were still in the Nikah, Imtiaz Ahmed’s marriage was illegal and void and he further requested Imtiaz Ahmed to set his wife free so they could reunite.
Aatika Tazeen took a formal Khula from Imtiaz Ahmed after systematically removing her personal belongings and all the jewellery and remarried Aslam Javeed on 6/6/1999 and started her life again with Aslam Javeed.

However in March 2002 Aatika Tazeen and her family executed a well-planned disappearing act and successfully disappeared from Chennai after removing cash, jewellery and personal belongings from the matrimonial home and filed a criminal case against Aslam Javeed. Aatika Tazeen was not to be traced anywhere as she had changed her identity to Muskaan Sehr vide affidavit signed in April 2002 before Notary public BKR Krishnamurthy and settled in the suburbs of Bangalore.

Aslam Javeed and his father Shri KS Alamgir have explicitly informed me during a personal meeting in Chennai that Aatika Tazeen is still his wife, as he has not annulled the marriage by any means legal, Talaaq or Khula. (This may be verified by writing to him on B18 Arcott Terrace- Arcott Road Vadapallani- Chennai or by calling him on his mobile 9841103224)

Muskaan Sehr has been demanding a divorce from me for the past 1 year and her family has been conniving with each other in harassing me and tormenting me with threats of sabotaging my career and sending me to jail if I did not submit to their demands. I have been asked to give out money to meet their demands and her family has threatened me on numerous occasions of depriving me of ever meeting my son and I attempted reconciliation by submitting to their demands and involving respected members of her extended family and the muslin community.

On 2/2/2008 Muskaan and her family created a scene at my home and called in the police and subsequently filed a false and fabricated case U/S 498 A of IPC with the Electronic city PS and took away my son Syed Ahmed Raiyyan and my personal and confidential documents, cash worth Rs. 50,000 and all the jewellery from the matrimonial home.

Having filed the case against me on 2/2/2008 Muskaan was living with her parents at 328- 16th Main Mico Layout till April 2008, however she has again disappeared from the said address along with my son and gave birth to a baby girl at an unknown location on 15/04/08

Muskaan and her family have succeeded in executing their threats and today I have been without a job for the past 5 months, I have not seen my son in 3 months and deprived of even seeing my daughter born on 15/04/08.

After searching for my wife and kids for the past 2.5 months, I recently found out that she is currently living at 008 Block B Ebony- Raheja Residency. Koramangla Bangalore. I informed the same to the Mr. PS Sudarshan-Station In charge at Electronic City PS and requested him to help me meet my children. He was considerate enough to send an ASI who convinced Muskaan to allow me to meet my son and see my daughter.

Muskaan and her family is torturing me and my children by not allowing us to meet and I beg you to kindly consider my plight as a father and convince them to allow me to meet my children. I have initiated the legal proceedings for restitution of conjugal rights, Child custody, criminal proceedings for cheating and fraud, however the process is taking a long time and it is impossible for me to live without my seeing my children. Please have mercy on me and my children as I share a very strong bond with Raiyyan and he also is being tormented by his mother and grandparents.


Syed A Makhdoom